Love Song for a Theoretical Planet

by Murielle P. Shallbetter

If I could just hold you a little closer,
you would fall into me, and then again,
perhaps you already have.

Perhaps you fell into me before I collapsed in on myself.
Perhaps you were the superheated collection of gas
that fell into me, and we exploded.

Blasting ice out past what would be our terrestrial planets,
maybe it isn’t so bad to try to look for you,
even if you’re not there anymore.


Murielle Parkinson Shallbetter is a college student studying physics teaching. She works at a planetarium answering little kids’ questions about black holes and stars. She lives in Utah with her husband and two cats.

From the Author
Jillian Weise’s and James Blish’s writing explores questions about the universe and how it relates to humans. They try to bring the unfamiliar closer in a straightforward and honest way. They play with emotions and what it means to be human in a way I find very compelling. The speakers in my poems have a lot of strong emotions and unresolved feeling about the universe they live in.

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