Law of Reflection

By Prasanna Surakanti

Was Kahlo glaring in
The Broken Column?
About to shatter.
Held in place,
as an image
to transpose her
into a work of Kintsugi
with her thread of glare in
the Diorama.


Prasanna Surakanti is an engineer interested in literature. Her previous work has appeared in erracotta, Typewriter, Ignite, the Motion in Motive chapbook, Di Mezzo Il Mare, Caterpillar Chronicles, Playground Literary Journal, Orion Headless, Urban Confustions, Magic Cat Press, The Applicant, Wordland, The Stone Hobo, The BluePrint Review, Spillway, Skive, Cahoodaloodaling, and Something’s Brewing Anthology.

From the Author
In an interview poet Tretheway said that children are able to look at broccoli and think of them as little trees. She encourages us to look figuratively. In an interview poet Diaz said that Eduardo Corral’s collection “Slow Lightning” made him cry.

After reading “Slow Lightning,” I stashed away two lines–Kahlo glaring at a self portrait/as if her gaze were responsible for holding it to the wall–from that book. Those lines are my starting point. Tretheway with her emphasis on looking at an object as an image helps me in reversing the law of reflection – by controlling the portrait which is already an act of reflection, Kahlo can fix herself.


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