Kingdom Come

by Gale Acuff

I go to church to get religion but
to Sunday school to see Miss Hooker, my
Sunday school teacher, and I’m going to
marry her one day, it came to me in
a dream, we were sitting on the sofa
in our own house and watching TV, it
was Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom
and after that wrestling and something sad
for Miss Hooker after that, even though
that’s not her name when we’re married and I
don’t know her first name so I just call her
Honey and Baby and Sugar Lips and
she calls me Gale, which is my name, like she
does now but with a lot more tenderness,
the kind that makes for kissing and babies,
the kind of kissing that makes them,
babies, I mean. Then it was time for bed

so we went to our bedroom together
and got undressed, I mean we started to
and that’s all I remember after I
woke and blinked and yawned and looked around and
saw just how alone I was again in
my real bed but it was Sunday morning
and time to dress and eat breakfast and go
to Miss Hooker’s class, which I did, to get
me more religion but sometimes I think
there’s more to life than God and Jesus and
the Holy Ghost and if we ever get
married, Miss Hooker and I, I mean, I
won’t ever say so unless she makes me
mad and then I’ll try to tell her that she’s
my god, or goddess, which is blasphemy
but I guess most romance is, folks ought to
love God almost entirely but then
who would make the babies and watch us die
out if we didn’t? And then we’ll make up.


Gale Acuff has had many poems published in literary journals and is the author of three books of poetry. He has taught university English in the US, China, and Palestine. Gale now teaches literature at Sichuan University for Nationalities, in Sichuan, China.


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