by Gerard Sarnat

Sarah’s father was a Maine country doctor.
I read her story about him at Harvard.

Then we moved into woodsy homes
next to each other where for reasons

forgotten at least on my part,
after one tense unwelcoming tea

we never spoke through the new fence
though our children attended the same church.

Until this spring when our grandkids
romped together as the valley thawed.

Author Biography
Gerard Sarnat is the author of two critically acclaimed poetry collections, 2010’s Homeless Chronicles from Abraham to Burning Man and 2012’s Disputes. He has been published in over seventy journals and anthologies. Harvard- and Stanford-educated, Gerry’s been a physician who’s set up and staffed clinics for the disenfranchised, a CEO of healthcare organizations, and a Stanford professor. For the Huffington Post review of his work and more, visit Gerard

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