Volume 1 Issue 1


Imitation & Allusion is pleased to share our inaugural issue, inspired by the pairing of Sarah Orne Jewett and Robert Frost!

From Wikimedia Commons

From Wikimedia Commons

About this Issue

Though Jewett was about thirty years older than Frost and Frost lived sixty years longer than Jewett, we saw a link in these two writers because of their works’ settings and subject matter: rural New England and life there. We wondered what interesting parallels might arise between the two despite the differences in their timelines,  and were pleasantly surprised by the submissions we received.  Enjoy!

From the Library of Congress

From the Library of Congress

Works by both authors are available for free online. The Sarah Orne Jewett Text Project is a collaboration of many institutions and individuals that provides the writer’s biographical information as well as her complete works. Meanwhile, Bartleby.com has a concise selection of Frost’s works available.





Gerard Sarnat

An Old Woodstove
Daniel Barbare

Chain Armor
Kenneth Nichols

Crisp, the morning in April
Casey FitzSimons

Late Frost
Michael Burch

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