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Monthly Round-Up

Here are links to some articles that piqued our interest this past month!

1. 18 Bookstores Every Book Lover Must Visit at Least Once – Business Insider
A great worldwide round-up of must-see bookstore destinations. Definitely check this out before heading on your next trip so you don’t miss out on an interesting place to visit!

2. 11 Delectable Dishes from Literature Because We Just Want to Live in BooksBustle
Yum! This slideshow-style article is just one of many food-inspired finds we came across this month.

3. Inside Amtrak’s (Absolutely Awesome) Plan to Give Free Rides to WritersThe Wire 
Amtrak is developing a writer residency program, thanks to some Twitter-vocal writers. They’ve already had one person do a trial run, and another is set up. Might want to keep tabs on how this shapes up!

4.  Cooking with HemingwayThe Millions
Obviously there were many similar brainwaves happening this month! The number of food and writing pairings out there was extreme. The author of this article took on the ambitious goal of using Hemingway’s “Big Two-Hearted River” as a recipe book, planning to cook every meal contained in the short story.

5. You Could Soon Read an Entire Harry Potter Book in Under 90 Minutes with this App — Huffington Post
Okay, the title may be a little over the top, and the article does seem kind of like an ad for a new android app, but it really got us thinking about finding a way to read faster. So, maybe this app would be a good starting point for further research into figuring out how to reach our long to-read list goals within the reality of a busy schedule. However, I  do have a slight headache after trying out the sample in the article.

6. At 100, poem ‘Chicago’ still fierce, fresh – Chicago Tribune
Who knew it was the one hundredth anniversary of Carl Sandburg’s “Chicago”? Well, it is, and there’s a lot going on to celebrate it while we look back and examine what it has brought to modern poetry.


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